Energy – Oil peak

Posted: 27/04/2009 in Brainy

Oil Peak theory by M.King Hubbert proved to be right applied to US production, i believe it will apply globally too… (and make no mistake: we, as species, will reach it…)

It seems the Green Revolution is heavily dependant on oil, thus: Malthusian catastrophe

There will be interesting developments in renewable energy sources: like transforming  CO2 to Methanol (Craig Venter is going in the same direction), but im afraid it wont be enough

ITER should be pretty clean and safe, actually…

Hydrogen economy (Jeremy Rifkin) Hydrogen will be just an energy storage medium. Its not available in nature in a pure, useful state, it must be manufactured by reformation of oil or hydrolysis

So, it seems there are ways…  its a matter of effort and timing


Un the meantime: TR10 , Pebble bed reactor

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