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Piu Piu

Posted: 17/06/2009 in Bricolaje - DIY



no forman una gran cancion sino mas bien la version guitarra de Frankenstein, pero aqui estan..

its aliveeeeee!!!

y por el mismo precio unos cuantos mas

my estimation is 2-4 years until you see it on mainstream graphics cards / games…

meanwhile at this moment this prototype of CausticGraphics is interesting:


I´d really like to see them faring well… but i think theyll fare like Ageia with physics, they will launch the hardware and six months later they will be swallowed whole by amd or nvidia and well see the benefits of that technology integrated on the next generation of GPU cards (btw a fate that will probably make the owners multimillionaires… so no pity for them…)


Posted: 12/06/2009 in fun, psico-social


Planets 2


Varios1 Varios2 Varios3 Varios4


20 reglas basicas para formular correctamente el conocimiento.

1) no estoy seguro de si el propio nombre del link sigue las reglas XD

2) Me gustaria obligar a seguirlas a mas de uno…