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Low boredom threshold

Posted: 30/09/2009 in Un poco de todo

“I have a low boredom threshold,” he said. “Some writers can write the same thing over and over again and remain happy with that. However, I only enjoy doing something that I have not done before. If I’ve done it well, I don’t want to do it anymore. Once I know how to do something, it loses interest for me. I don’t care anymore.”

huummm, me pasa en la vida en general… pero ultimamente tambien me da pereza aprender cosas nuevas…

No he cometido errores ultimamente… lo cual implica que tampoco he aprendido nada nuevo, las lecciones se aprenden de los errores, hacer algo bien no te enseña nada nuevo.

direccion de cine

Posted: 30/09/2009 in Un poco de todo

I wonder if as a director you find it hard to delegate?

I did on Return. I came from USC, and when I was studying there the auteur theory was the big thing – the director has to do it all. And I believed them, and in fact I taught myself how to do every job on a movie. So when my turn came on Return, I indeed micro-managed everybody, as a result of which they all hated my guts, and it was a very unpleasant experience.

So the next time I directed, five years later up in Canada…a picture that unfortunately was destroyed; I’ve had to disavow it because the producers cut together another movie out of my out-takes. And they weren’t even good editors. My movie is lost.

But I did approach it from a completely opposite standpoint. I delegated everything, and I just stood back and operated as sort of quality control. I just watched, and as long as they were doing stuff that looked good, I didn’t interfere. Only one out of ten times they’d do something that was obviously a creative error and I’d step in and say ‘let’s do it different’, and then I’d back off again.

If you’ve got good people…it’s very exhausting to tell everybody what to do, and I preferred Hitchcock’s approach, where he would go and sleep in his trailer when they were shooting. Rod Taylor told that story. He was really looking forward to working with the great Hitchcock and when he started shooting, Hitchcock was nowhere in sight; it was the first A.D. doing the directing. Rod Taylor finally asked ‘Where’s Hitchcock’, and they said ‘Well, he’s sleeping in his trailer’. I thought that if it’s good enough for Hitchcock, it’s good enough for me.

(Dan O´Bannon)


la canon vixia hf11, como treinta de ellas…

si mucho vixio hay… ¿pero treinta? ¿para que? os preguntareis (o no, lo mas probable es que os la pele…) pues para hacer efectos de rotoscopiado bullet time

im… presionante…


mola… me wants…


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