Innovacion: se dice mas facil de lo que se hace…

Posted: 04/10/2010 in Un poco de todo

People pretty much hate innovation (and the horse it rode in on.)

Innovation is more than just having a good idea. And, it is more than getting your idea into production (which can be quite tricky if you need capital — no one hates innovation more than venture capitalists.) Innovation requires an attitude. You need to think you are right and everyone else is an idiot. Without that attitude you will never make your idea happen because everyone is going to hate whatever it is you propose.

One reason why this is the case is that our school system hates innovation more than any one person does and we are all products of that system. In school there are right answers and we need to memorize them. The winners (who, by the way often turn out to control the money and resources needed for innovation) did not get there by objecting to the system. They got there by memorizing the right answers better than anyone else.

People with original ideas need to have thick skins. The process of innovation is simple enough.

1. Get annoyed at how things are.
2. Come up with a solution.
3. Get resources to put your solution into production.
4. Fight with everyone who tries to kill your idea.

-Roger Schank, “How To Innovate”


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