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A cool tale about The Truth and the Scientific Shepard that doesnt takes in account the unique problems derived of your field of study being human beings and their social interactions. (which are btw, what empowers a lot of the stories Marks to be succesful and “Fit”, even fitter than most truth seekers)

Singularity discussions seem to be splitting up into three major schools of thought: Accelerating Change, the Event Horizon, and the Intelligence Explosion.

Anyways Stross has convinced me to not care: in the same manner that space exploration, it will be a non participatory event for 99.99% of human population

“Individual organisms are best thought of as adaptation-executers, not fitness-maximizers.”
Its the whole group the one which gets  fitness-optimized, for diverse values of  “adaptation”, “group” and particularly “fitness”, as the emergent property of environment interaction and change in the environment, the individuals, and the groups.

Teoria de la belleza

Posted: 24/11/2010 in Un poco de todo

como funciona una celula?
pues asi:


aun asi a veces tienes suerte y te sales con la tuya