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Reimagine the game

Posted: 29/05/2011 in Un poco de todo

Juego de plataformas satirico con referencia a tropocientos memes del 2011

The future

Posted: 17/05/2011 in Un poco de todo

“Many believe that the future is what you make of it. They are determined to force fate to their whims.

The future is already set. The future only calls for events to be altered to suit itself. It is the present that is malleable, never the future.”

Shinji_and_Warhammer40k FanFic

Posted: 14/05/2011 in Un poco de todo


Posted: 07/05/2011 in Un poco de todo

Inventables es una web donde se pueden comprar todo tipo de productos del futuro… no la lejia no, sino cosas “cienciosas” con propiedades interesantes