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Corporations are invaders from Mars… and “Voting doesn’t change anything — the politicians always win.”

-Charles Stross

La Historia

Posted: 11/06/2012 in Quotes, Un poco de todo

Si algo nos enseña la historia (que siempre se repite, con variaciones) es que nunca se aprende nada de la historia.

Inner beauty

Posted: 15/03/2011 in Quotes

The only people who are really curious what you look like on the inside are serial killers. To everyone else, that’s disgusting.

-Soren Bowie


Singularity discussions seem to be splitting up into three major schools of thought: Accelerating Change, the Event Horizon, and the Intelligence Explosion.

Anyways Stross has convinced me to not care: in the same manner that space exploration, it will be a non participatory event for 99.99% of human population

“Individual organisms are best thought of as adaptation-executers, not fitness-maximizers.”
Its the whole group the one which gets  fitness-optimized, for diverse values of  “adaptation”, “group” and particularly “fitness”, as the emergent property of environment interaction and change in the environment, the individuals, and the groups.


la canon vixia hf11, como treinta de ellas…

si mucho vixio hay… ¿pero treinta? ¿para que? os preguntareis (o no, lo mas probable es que os la pele…) pues para hacer efectos de rotoscopiado bullet time


mola… me wants…