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Singularity discussions seem to be splitting up into three major schools of thought: Accelerating Change, the Event Horizon, and the Intelligence Explosion.

Anyways Stross has convinced me to not care: in the same manner that space exploration, it will be a non participatory event for 99.99% of human population

“Individual organisms are best thought of as adaptation-executers, not fitness-maximizers.”
Its the whole group the one which gets  fitness-optimized, for diverse values of  “adaptation”, “group” and particularly “fitness”, as the emergent property of environment interaction and change in the environment, the individuals, and the groups.

realmente interesante

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paradoja de fermi

me da que no va a haber colonizacion del espacio

resumen de la novela accelerando de charles stross



some interesting subjects:

the green revolution

peak oil

exponentials, sigmoids, malthusian models, and malthusian catastrophes

exponential expanding: processing power /memory / bandwidth : limits and what you cant do with it

stagnating: quantum computers, algorythm resolution, hard ia results, fusion power

Technological waves and paradigm shifts

global warming

bioengineering; adn and proteine mapping/modeling and whi it is decades away from meaningfully impacting you.

Aging and expanding life expectancy: will you or will you not catch the wave tahat will let you live indefinitely

Information wants to be free and expensive at the same time: the intellectual property wars

Sociobiology, memetics, pnl, propaganda (PR, marketing and politics), sex, religion & warfare.

Big brother: how everyone is going to end up in Wikipedia, facebook, google, and a webcam will be in every corner and in your soup

memory cheap and available enough to stream your life to it

brain architecture and emuation.

brain uploading.

space travel and why it is done first by prestige and secondarily by scientific reasons but there will be no commercial or civil uses beyond the earth orbit.

Obsolete economic models and why theres currently no replacement

Social Models, Legal Systems: Past and Future

Geostrategics: game theory

Alternate power sources/transportation/storage: Political Implications

decentalization: computing: the cloud.

decentralizacion: fabrication: protoyping and cad printers/machines

sinergy & convergence: unintended consequences

geolocation everywhere: you will never be lost again

Humor, critica y seriedad: duando tus judias (poder)  te van en que lo tuyo sea considerado serio y nunca jamas criticado (politica religion, intelectualidad)

fear and admiration: are they the only two modes of respect?


20 reglas basicas para formular correctamente el conocimiento.

1) no estoy seguro de si el propio nombre del link sigue las reglas XD

2) Me gustaria obligar a seguirlas a mas de uno…

Limits of knowledge

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Gödel incompleteness theorem

Complexity Classes

Wolfram : A new kind of science (more like a new POV of it…)

Taleb: Black Swan (or why the statistics you studied on your bachelors arent worth a shit exactly in the cases when they would actually matter)


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n. A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another


Memetic Lexicon

Meme – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

TransHumanSpace RPG:  Toxic Memes

Energy – Oil peak

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Oil Peak theory by M.King Hubbert proved to be right applied to US production, i believe it will apply globally too… (and make no mistake: we, as species, will reach it…)

It seems the Green Revolution is heavily dependant on oil, thus: Malthusian catastrophe

There will be interesting developments in renewable energy sources: like transforming  CO2 to Methanol (Craig Venter is going in the same direction), but im afraid it wont be enough

ITER should be pretty clean and safe, actually…

Hydrogen economy (Jeremy Rifkin) Hydrogen will be just an energy storage medium. Its not available in nature in a pure, useful state, it must be manufactured by reformation of oil or hydrolysis

So, it seems there are ways…  its a matter of effort and timing


Un the meantime: TR10 , Pebble bed reactor